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In a fast moving world, embracing change is becoming a pressing necessity while developing the self, others and the organization is nowadays a permanent challenge.

Our programs cater for different types of educational aspirations. They are addressed to people of all ages and levels and specifically tailored to target their individual needs.

These programs are designed to be academically challenging and adequately balanced to broaden the educational experience of participants and equip them to skillfully apply their knowledge and understanding and prepare them for success at their jobs and in life beyond.

Through its various programs, Capacity Academy seeks to bring together success oriented people with experience, proficiency and the willingness to create and sustain a lasting learning environment.

In response to the needs of an integrating society, Capacity Academy serves as an educational and practical arm with a primary objective to design, oversee and implement capacity development programs for activists, NGO managers, corporate leaders and other dynamic social change agents to help them develop their institutions internally and externally so they can better fulfill their defined mission.

Our programs consist of the following topics:
Special Training Package: Developing Fundraising Strategies

- Democracy, Citizenship and Human Rights

- Leadership Development

- Management Development

- Training of Trainers

- Web Development

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